Okie Quiz Answers

1. The only city in the United States to be bombed during World War II on July 5, 1943, at approximately 12:30 a.m. by a B-17 Bomber was: Boise City

2. What Oklahoma city owns the world record for largest pecan pie, pecan cookie, pecan brownie, and biggest ice cream and cookie party? Okmulgee

3. In 1935, Carl C. Magee of Oklahoma City is generally credited with originating the world.s first: Parking meter

4. The first town in Oklahoma to enjoy electricity was: Vinita

5. An Oklahoman, Sylvan Goldman, invented the first: Shopping cart

6. In 1935, Bob Dunn, a musician originally from Beggs, invented the first: Electric guitar

7. Clinton Riggs designed and first used on a trial basis in Tulsa the: Yield sign

8. Oklahoma has the largest Native American population of any state in the U.S. Many of the 250,000 American Indians living in Oklahoma are descended from the 67 tribes who inhabited the Indian Territory. Oklahoma is tribal headquarters for: 39 tribes

9. Oklahoma has how many communities on Mountain Standard Time? 1

10. Where does Oklahoma rank in size among other states? 18th

11. The highest point in Oklahoma at 4,973 feet is what? Black Mesa

12. What famous outlaw.s brother lived in the Wichita Mountains? Frank James

13. What is the official Oklahoma beverage? Milk

14. What University recently sold its patent for a software-based process that discourages Internet users from stealing copyrighted songs and other media? University of Tulsa

15. What city is home to the EPA.s Kerr Lab Research Facility and Ground Water and Ecosystems Restoration Division that conducts research and technical assistance to support strategies and technologies to protect and restore ground and surface water and ecosystems? Ada

16. There are more species of trees at Beavers Bend Resort Park than the entire land mass of: Europe

17. What school at the University of Oklahoma is currently ranked first in the nation: Meteorology

18. What does the name .Oklahoma. mean? Red People

19. Which University has the largest student union in the nation? Oklahoma State University

20. Chester Gould of Pawnee created what classic American comic strip? Dick Tracy