Spyware Prevention and Removal

Spyware gets onto your computer

Stopping spyware before it gets onto your computer is by far the best way to secure your computer.

  • ZoneAlarm's network firewall keeps hackers and their spyware out.
  • The Web privacy feature blocks drive-by downloads, tracking cookies, and Web bugs
  • MailSafe quarantines spyware attachments in email.

Spyware unwraps and installs

The next best stage to catch spyware is before it unwraps and installs.

  • The new Triple Defense Firewall™ in ZoneAlarm products detects and halts spyware installation and other install-related behavior.

Spyware attacks other programs and the operating system

  • ZoneAlarm's Triple Defense Firewall™ detects and blocks spyware that tries to attack and hijack good programs or change browser settings.
  • Its detection goes down to the kernel level to detect and prevent attacks on the operating system.

In conjunction with ZoneAlarm's SmartDefense Advisor, it can even kill malicious spyware on the spot.

Spyware burrows in

Once spyware gets onto the computer, it's designed to stay on. By burrowing deeply within the operating system and entangling itself with files and programs, it's complicated to extract it.

  • The spyware database in ZoneAlarm products is about quality, not quantity. It specializes in finding and successfully removing the small percentage of spyware that's currently circulating and infecting your computer.
  • It can even automatically treat some types of spyware with no customer input required.