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February News
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FireFox Q & A

Last November in the news article entitled “Mozilla not Godzilla” I wrote about the wonderful features now present in a web browser called Firefox. Since then several of my friends have run into some issues while using the browser. I asked one of our most knowledgeable customer service reps, Matt, to address the issues and here is what he wrote:

Problem with plug-ins: When I go to flash sites, my download popup comes on, telling me I need to install something before the page will work. If I select the download option, it hangs up and nothing happens. When I open same page in explorer, it opens fine.

Solution: Sounds like a security setting may be preventing you from completing this install. Not to worry, there's always another way! In this case, we go right to the source. The Macromedia Flash Player is a rather popular browser plug-in, and we can download it right from:


On their site, click "Download Now" and read a little further down the page. It clearly explains what to do in order for Flash to work right away.

Problem with privacy settings in Hotmail: Even though I select the public use box (higher privacy) when entering my account name, the next time I open FireFox and go to hotmail, my email address is already auto-completed.

Problem with figuring out how to disable the auto-complete function for meta-searches and for typing in urls in the address bar: Some browsing takes me to places I don’t want my children to see as they do now when they type in a url, or type in a topic on a search engine. I am unable to find out how to turn this function off in the FireFox options.

Solution: Both of these two issues can be corrected with one change. In Mozilla FireFox, click "Tools" on the menu, then "Options." In the new window that appears, click "Privacy" on the left, then the plus sign next to "Saved Form Information" on the right. This expands to show a check-box that you should clear: "Save information I enter in web page forms and the Search Bar".

Problem: The rich text option in hotmail is unavailable.

Solution: Many features of Microsoft Hotmail rely on a technology called "ActiveX." In order to use the rich text option in their site, your browser must support the installation of ActiveX controls, which by design, Mozilla FireFox does not support. ActiveX has been shown time and time again to be insecure and as a result, is not supported. This means that on web sites specifically designed for Internet Explorer, like Hotmail.com and WindowsUpdate.com, you may have limited or no functionality unless you use Internet Explorer.

Problem importing favorites from Microsoft Internet Explorer: When I add something to favorites in explorer, they don’t appear in FireFox as bookmarks.

Solution: Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox have their own individual Favorites & Bookmarks; however, you can import your Favorites from Internet Explorer into Mozilla FireFox. To do this, click "Bookmarks" on the menu and then "Manage Bookmarks." Here, click "File", then "Import." Select "Microsoft Internet Explorer" in the list below, and then click next. Your favorites will now be in the Mozilla Bookmarks as well.

Problem playing internet radio: Many connectivity issues with internet streaming radio. Gets hung up and never plays. Radio opens and plays fine in explorer.

Solution: Internet Explorer has a built-in "radio" tab that links it directly to the Windows Media Player. Depending on the site where you are listening to online radio, you should be able to simply open Windows Media Player to listen to the same music. The difference here is that Mozilla FireFox does not automatically link media content to Windows Media Player by default; it relies instead upon instructions within the web page you visit. Because different web pages may use different controls for their streaming audio, your experience may vary.

I personally click the "Start the player" link at http://www.klove.com/Listen/ using Mozilla FireFox and enjoy streaming music online all the time. If you give their site a try, you'll notice that they perform a "detection" to determine which media players you have, and then save that information in your browser. This way, their web page can know which program (Windows Media Player or something else, for example) you have and which to load!

Matt Wiltfong

Thanks for your help Matt!

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO

How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works is exactly what it bills itself to be: your single destination for the answer to how pretty much everything operates--and that means everything from car engines, lock-picking, guide dogs, stun guns, and hardwood floors to atoms. Categories that you can search under include computer stuff, auto stuff, electronics stuff, science stuff, health stuff, money stuff, travel stuff, people stuff, games stuff and music stuff.

If you're feeling a little giddy with the possibilities awaiting you, no need to read any further--just go to http://www.howstuffworks.com/ and see for yourself. You won't be able to digest all the secrets in one sitting, so be prepared to devote the rest of your life to absorbing all the behind-the-scenes-of-your-existence intelligence here. Step-by-step, easily comprehended explanations replete with photos and diagrams add to the thrill of discovery.

HowStuffWorks.com is an award-winning online destination for anyone who wants to know how anything works. Web growth, with 4 million unique visitors and 40 million page views per month, has propelled HowStuffWorks.com to one of the Top 400 sites on the Web. Traffic and development continues to grow at a lightning pace.

Happy Surfing From Your Friends at FullNet!

Roger Baresel

How (MOH) Modem On Hold Works

First thing first you must have call waiting on your phone line. If someone calls your house when you are online, the MOH applet will pop up telling you that you have an incoming call. Depending on your software, you may have a button stating "Take the call" or "Ignore". Clicking "Ignore" will allow the call to go unanswered, while clicking "Take the call" will put your Internet connection on hold and allow you to answer the incoming call.

If you answer the incoming call, when you pick up the phone a timer is displayed which shows you have 6 minutes to talk before the Internet connection is disconnected. Once you are finished talking you can hang up. Click the "Reconnect" button to reestablish the Internet connection. It takes about 10 seconds to reconnect, during which time you may hear the modem negotiation tones (screeching sounds).

If the timer expires, the Internet connection is discontinued and the phone call will go on uninterrupted.

If you would like more information on V.92 and (MOH) please visit our website at http://www.fullnet.net/fullzone/v92.html

Shane Thomas
Customer Service Manager

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