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To quote the famous tool man, Tim Taylor: “What we need is more power!” Translated into geek-speak: “What we need is more range for our wireless network!”

"One of the most asked questions we get on our advice line and in customer service is, 'How can I get more coverage out of my wireless network?'" said Steve Troyer, Linksys director of product marketing. "Customers are looking for ways to get their Wi-Fi signal in more rooms throughout their homes and offices, as well as in distant corners or other hard to reach areas. Our new antenna line is a solution for these customers looking for more wireless range."

There are two new antennas:

1. TNC Connector Antennas (HGA7T)
The pair of TNC connector antennas are designed to help increase both the effective strength of outgoing Wi-Fi signals and the receive sensitivity for incoming signals for improved range with the goal of assisting home and small business users to obtain wireless access in rooms that the current signal isn't reaching. The attachable dual TNC connector antennas are FCC approved for the following Linksys devices: WRT54GS, WRT54G, WAP54G, BEFW11S4, WAP11, and the new AS2TNC Antenna Stand.

2. SMA Connector Antenna (HGA7S)
The single SMA connector antenna is ideal for connecting to single antenna wireless adapters, bridges and routers, including the WRV54G, WMP54GS, WMP54G, WET54G, and the new AS1SMA Antenna Stand.

The attachable antennas are simple to use. Simply unscrew the current antennas attached to the router, access point, or network adapter or bridge and attach the high gain antennas in their place. There are no drivers to install and no modifications to the setup. The antennas will automatically begin to increase the effective range of a wireless network.

Pricing and Availability:

Linksys high gain antennas are immediately available at major US and Canadian retail, online retailers, distributors, director response and value added resellers. US estimated street pricing is as follows:

TNC Connector Pair (HGA7T): ESP: $59.99
SMA Connector (HGA7S): ESP: $59.99
TNC Antenna Stand (AS2TNC): ESP: $29.99
SMA Antenna Stand (AS1SMA): ESP: $29.99

You may read the whole article cited above at:

Until next month happy surfing!

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO


Your fridge contains onions, lemons, and some pork; the pantry holds flour and baked beans. This is dinner? You bet. Head over to Cooking by Numbers at CookingByNumbers.com and check off what you have from the site’s list of 50 staples, and relevant recipes appear, rated 100 percent (if you have all the ingredients) or a lesser percentage (if you lack a few). While gourmet cooks may find the pickings slim, the site is perfect for the desperate parent or the forgets-to-shop bachelor.

A great companion site is the Cook’s Thesaurus at FoodSubs.com which has the scoop on any ingredient – how it’s eaten and prepared, how to tell when it’s no longer fresh, alternative names and acceptable substitutes.

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Roger Baresel

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