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January News
Today is:


As we begin a brand New Year I wanted to draw your attention to a resource that many of you may not be aware exists.  We have archived every newsletter we have sent out since September 2000 at this address: http://www.fullnet.net/news

Now I realize that many of you may wonder why I am telling you about this archive.  I bring it up in the hope that you will find it both informative and useful!  In the archive you will find articles on loads of useful topics like:

Just to mention a few.

Thank you for being a FullNet Member and we will work hard this year to keep you up to date with the ever emerging Internet Technologies!

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO


If you have extra time and want to do your part to help your community, but aren't quite sure where to volunteer your time, check out Volunteer Match at http://volunteermatch.org.  To find opportunities in your area simply search by zip code.  Another neat feature is their Virtual Volunteering search function that allows you to identify opportunities by area of interest where you can volunteer from "virtually" anywhere - just by using your computer.  Or if you have a group or organization that needs volunteers you can post volunteer opportunities on their website to help recruit volunteers for your organization.

For another good resource with a wealth of information on volunteer opportunities check out Coalescence at http://www.dowelldogood.com/links.html.  Be sure and check out Organizations under the Community Resources section. 

Happy Surfing From Your Friends at FullNet!

Roger Baresel


My name is Jason Ayers and I am the Vice President of Operations for FullNet.  Basically that means that if it doesn't work, it's ultimately my fault.  (However, please don't send me any letters blaming me for your VCR going on the fritz.  I only take responsibility for what happens at FullNet.)  While my background includes a Bachelor's Degree with majors in Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics, much of my time daily is spent in a supporting role assisting the people that run the servers, answer the calls, and manage the network.  Occasionally I get to play with a Linux server or do some programming, but more often than not my time is spent making sure our customers are getting the best service possible from every department in our company.

I joined the FullNet management team in 1998 as part of the acquisition of the web-hosting and colocation company that I had helped start.  Since that time I have filled numerous rolls, but I've been in my current position for about 3 years.  Through all the ups and downs, I have remained faithfully committed to making sure the FullNet team is doing everything we can to offer you great service at a competitive price, from colocation to dial-up, to everything in between.

On the personal side I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife and our cat, Arwen.  In the rest of my time away from work you can find me playing sports, spending time on the computer, or doing various activities with my church.  Unfortunately the sports are temporarily on hold while I have surgery on my knee to repair a torn ACL.

Much like you've heard from the rest of the FullNet team, don't hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can do to help make your experience with FullNet better.


Jason Ayers
VP of Operations

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