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September News
Today is:

So you thought a Trojan Horse was a Greek Mythological Story.

Because I am in the Internet Access Business, I am a little more wary of viruses and the like and have spent money on software like Norton System Works, and Personal Firewall. Recently when I booted my computer I began to get a strange message that Norton Antivirus could not work with my email because I didn't have TCPIP installed.

My suspicions were piqued.

After doing a full system scan Norton Told me that I had a Trojan Horse Virus!

A Trojan horse (or "trojan") is simply a program that purports to do one thing but does something else that you do not know about. It has, so to speak, a public agenda that is harmless, and a private agenda that is not. One particular sub-category of trojans makes it possible for someone else to access your computer over the Internet. This is the category we are concerned with here. There are other types of trojans. You can find out more about them from the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC) at http://www.sarc.com.

A trojan horse that allows outside access to your computer system has two parts: the server and the client. The server program is the trojan horse that infects your computer. It runs on your computer and allows access into your computer. The client program is used by the person trying to break into your computer.

For more details, visit the Symantec.Com Knowledge Base.

My advice:

Enroll in the Anti-spam and Anti-virus already offered by FullNet called Postini.

Purchase and regularly maintain an Antivirus and Personal Firewall Program!

Keep your virus definitions up to date as well as Firewall updates.

Do not open .exe files or other executable when you do recognize the sender.

If you have a virus call our tech support number immediately, we can help!

Third party vendors that have anti-trojan horse software.



Until next month,

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO

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