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June News
Today is:

Hassle Free Movie Tickets with NO LINE!

Every Monday night I get together with my youngest son and some of his
friends for "Guys night out".  We usually watch war movies, or boxing, you
know something with lots of action and testosterone.

This past weekend several of the guys had tried unsuccessfully to see,
"Matrix Reloaded".  Our VP of operations Jason Ayers was talking about how
he used http://www.movietickets.com to get tickets to see Matrix.  He said
it guarantees you tickets and you can avoid the line.

So I logged in, found the Theatre closest to me that had tickets, used my
credit card and bought the tickets.  After buying the tickets, I noticed
that they were not printed on my printer.  You have to go to the Theatre and
go to the Movies.com Kiosk.  It looks like a long tall ATM.

It is supposed to be easy to get the tickets just slide in your card in the
card reader and they print your tickets on the spot.  I slid the card in and
heard that beep that tells you and everyone around you how dumb you are!  I
looked at the instructions to confirm the position of the card and slid it
in several more times only to hear the BEEP!

The boys are looking at me and suggesting we get in the regular ticket line.
I told them I had already paid $35 for 4 tickets ($8 each and $.75 charge
per ticket to use the service) and didn't plan on paying $70.

I tried another machine with the same result.  I asked one of the boys to
try it as well only to hear the same BEEP!  As a last resort I began putting
my card in different ways other than the way shown on the instructions.
When I had it in upside down and backwards from the instructions on the
machine, it worked!  The tickets printed and we attended one of the hottest
movies of the summer.

Jason later told me that I could avoid the $.75 charge per ticket if I was a
member of the AMC movie club.  You can enroll at:
http://www.moviewatcher.com/index.html.  You can also earn credits for
discounts on concessions.


Founder & CEO

Get To know your FullNet Staff

Greetings and felicitations!  My name is Randen Swartz and I am one of the Customer Service representatives here at FullNet.  Having just turned 21, I am one of the youngest employees; however I have quite a bit of experience with computers and Internet technologies-I got my first computer when I was six.  I am currently a senior at the University of Oklahoma majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in Computer Science.  I will be in college a while longer yet as I also intend to complete a Masters in Business Administration program before I leave.  I love to travel, cruising in particular, read science-fiction/fantasy, and play real-time strategy computer games.  One of the highlights of working at FullNet is the opportunity I have to solve peoples' problems, and getting your positive feedback really makes my day.

Randen Swartz
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