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March News
Today is:

My eBay Experience (Part 1)

If you have been reading my last few emails you know that Michael Tomas, our Network Engineer and famous "Power Seller" on eBay, helped me to get registered on eBay and PayPal.  After having a somewhat pleasant experience buying Football Tickets on eBay, I thought I would log on and see what else I could find. 

Much to my surprise, eBay is just a huge garage sale.  Even better, it is my favorite kind of garage sale.  You don't have to get up at 6:00 AM on Saturday and drive around looking for good deals.  You can log in anytime of the night or day and search for something you want or need.  I like to call eBay a garage sale for guys.  You order your stuff on the net and it magically appears at your door!

The first thing I did was search for the Avon Chess set that adorns my office and see what it might be worth.  Much to my disappointment, it was not worth much because I didn't keep the original boxes that the pieces came in and I had used the cologne in High School and College.  Not to be discouraged, I looked up a Pewter Plane set that I got from the FullGang for my birthday and I was more than pleasantly surprised. 

Now that I had become somewhat savvy searching on eBay, I began to research one of my hobbies.  In my free time, which I have little of; I play a Medieval Role Playing Game.  I had heard that you could buy accounts for the game on eBay in the past but I had never bothered to look.  When the search completed, there were 140 items that you could buy for the game, from accounts to virtual houses to actual items in the game. 

My head began to spin a little.  People were actually selling computer-generated images of things in the game like a house or sword or a horse for real cash money.  I have been messing around with this game for years, so I decided to see if I could turn some of the leisure time I had spent in the last few years into cash money. 

Next month I will let you know what happened when I tried to make my first sale. 

You too can garage sale while you sit at your computer at http://www.ebay.com

Enthusiastically yours,

Founder & CEO

Get to know your FullNet Staff

Hello FullNet Customers “How may I help you”?  My name is Roger Gartman and as a FullNet Customer Service Representative my goal is towards you as a customer.  I have been with FullNet for two years as a CSR and I also provide assistance in provisioning services.  I have recently been awarded the position as manager of the Independent Partner Program.  I am A+ Certified and would like to further my education in the field of technology in the coming months.  In my private life I am a competitive triathlete (swim, bike, run) with 18 years of experience.  I have been a 3 time state champion as well as South Mid-West Regional Champion.  I do a lot of races that are in the towns that we provide service to and would like the opportunity to meet with some of you in the coming months.  If you would like any additional information please feel free to email me at:  triathlete@fullnet.net.

Thank you for allowing us to provide your Internet access and look forward to creating a solid relationship through you continued patronage.

Roger W. Gartman
Customer Service Representative
Independent Partner Program Manager
Service Provisioner
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