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October News
Today is:


V.92 Technology We recently completed the installation of a major hardware upgrade that will allow you to dial up to the Internet and surf faster because of the compression used by the modems.  In addition this upgrade eliminates the need for a second telephone line to take voice calls while you are surfing the Internet.  You will now be notified of any incoming voice calls and have an opportunity to take them while you are accessing the Internet.  All you need on your end is a V.92 compliant modem that costs less than $100. Jason Ayers our VP of Operations will be talking more about this and the technology behind it next month.

State Wide Access We are continuing to work towards the expansion of our statewide network to include local dial-up access numbers in most communities that are served by SouthWestern Bell. We are excited about the progress that we are making and will keep you posted as we open each new city.  We plan to expand our coverage and offer connectivity to many small communities under 5,000 populations without using toll saver or running up long distance charges.  If you would like to be sure your community or that of a friend is included write to me.

FullAccess is a bundled service allowing a company to buy a T-1 for voice and data.  There are 24 channels in a T-1 and they can be configured to allow 12 for voice and 12 for Internet access making the surfing speed 764K as an example.  (The channels can be configured uniquely for each customer)  By mid 2003 we should be introducing this new service.

At FullNet we are continuing to look for ways to better serve you and your needs from a dialup connection that works faster and more reliably to Business products for small to medium size companies.  You can rely on FullNet to keep you abreast of the Internet wave!

Timothy J. Kilkenny

Founder and CEO




In our continuing mission to make your Internet experience better, we are pleased to announce an upgrade to FullNet's web-based email program!

On Monday, October 14th, FullNet will be launching a new version of webmail, the web interface for your email.  Using this interface you can check your @fullnet.net email from a web browser anywhere!  The current version will continue to work until the upgrade is done.  Starting Monday, you will be able to use the new interface that is both faster and easier to use.  You can go to the interface just like you always have by going to http://webmail.fullnet.net. 

Enjoy and Happy Emailing!

Jason Ayers

VP Operations




Last month we talked about junk email that was not SPAM and how to avoid spreading hoaxes.  This month we tackle a growing headache for most Internet users:  SPAM.

Problem 4:  SPAM (Unsolicited Mass Emails)

This the most common problem among members of the Internet community, and an issue FullNet has been taking very seriously.  While we continue to look for better ways to combat SPAM, you have at your disposal the best tool available today:  FullFilter.  FullFilter is FullNet's solutions to both the SPAM and virus problem.  For only $1.00/month you will be able to control the level of SPAM filtering in several categories and avoid most of the email virus problems that plague your email friends.  If you haven't already signed up, it's not too late.  Call or email today and let FullFilter save you time and effort by stopping SPAM and viruses before they get to your computer!

"Be Kind to Your Email Friends" Conclusion:

I hope that these articles have been of some assistance to you, and that you too may benefit from adhering to these guidelines.  We here at FullNet wish to thank you for choosing our service and welcome any questions, comments, suggestions, and ideas that you may have.  Please contact our Customer Service department at any time via our toll-free number, 877-385-5832.

Randen Swartz

Customer Service



Introducing the New FullNet Partner Program

We are excited about the new Partner Program where we will be marketing our full portfolio of Internet products through businesses throughout Oklahoma.  To assist with this statewide expansion, we have hired an account manager who will work full time to assist with training, distribution, orders, tracking, and commissions.  A new compensation system has been implemented to reward our partners at three levels of participation.   It is our hope to create a direct incentive towards higher commissions for those that chose to actively market our products.

One product that is new to our partners around the state is our colocation sales.  As they come across customers that need to locate their Internet equipment in a location that provides a more secure foundation for their business, they should refer them to FullNet.


Featured Product


Colocation, Info Back-up, and Disaster Recovery


FullNet's million-dollar colocation facility was designed for a wide range of potential customers. Examples of current clients include a large CLEC occupying 500 square feet of caged space, a large satellite service provider, web hosting companies colocating one or more web servers and companies hosting web pages on FullNet web servers.  Additionally, we have companies that have colocated equipment in our facility to provide for data back-up and disaster recovery. 




FullNet has its own fiber facilities going across the street to the Southwestern Bell Central Office in downtown Oklahoma City.  Using this facility, we can fulfill any bandwidth needs from T-1's to OC-48's and beyond.  Also, within our building are over 20 telecommunications providers with whom you can connect, including Williams, MCI WorldCom, NTS and Cox.

Our facility is ideal for telecommunications providers, national/regional ISPs or web hosting companies. Our space can be expanded to over 10,000 sq feet.  It is designed to offer a unique approach to the demand for a telco-grade, carrier-neutral colocation facility in which to house the switches, computers, routers or modems needed to start or expand a presence in Oklahoma and on the World Wide Web. FullNet will customize space to fit any budget.

FullNet Colocation Features


         Carrier Neutral Facility

         Multi-Homed & Multi-Routed

         Climate Controlled

         Battery Back-up for both AC and DC

         Generator Back-up System

         Security: Staffed 24 / 365 with Personalized Electronic Access

         Fire Protection - FM200 system

         Redundant Power, Bandwidth & Fiber

         You rent only the space you need. Racks, Shelves, Cabinets & Cages are all available.


FullNet Colocation Prices


Rack Space



Full Rack

$ 900

$ 1,000

Half Rack

$ 500

$   500

Quarter Rack

$ 300

$   250

Mid-Tower Case

$ 150

$   125

Rack Unit (RU)

$   50

$   100





Transfer Package



10 Gigabytes

$   40

$ 0

25 Gigabytes

$ 100

$ 0

Each Added 25 Gig

$ 100

$ 0

First 8 IP Addresses Are Free


If you have a need for Colocation or are interested in participating in the FullNet Partner Program, please contact:

Wayne D. Gray

Vice President of Sales

(405) 236-8200 Ext 124



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