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May News
Today is:

Idle hands are the devilís workshop!

Itís May and this month will be full of thoughts about Mom, family and graduations.† It is also the beginning of summer.† In other words our children will have lots of idle time on their hands.† I am the father of three children and I understand the concerns of parents when thinking about their children on the Internet without supervision.

There are several different ways that you can protect your family from the content that should not be viewed on the Internet or from the people who would prey upon innocent children who access the Internet. First, there is "client side" software and second there is "server side" software. Client side software is a program that you install on your machine at home or work that filters or censors the places that the user can visit. Two of my favorite "client side" packages are:

CyberPatrol http://www.surfcontrol.com/home/downloads/signin.asp

NetNanny http://www.netnanny.com/home/home.asp

In most cases you can obtain a free trial for some period of time before having to decide to purchase the software.† The typical client side software package will cost between $30.00 and $50.00 annually. ďServer sideĒ software resides on the server and the information is filtered here at FullNet, your ISP. We have installed the Bess "server side" filtering software here at FullNet so you may choose to have only filtered access at your home.

Our solutions create peace of mind, add relevant/targeted content, and tap into and extend the usefulness of the Internet's basic functions: Filtered Browsing: Bess provides teachers, parents and employers the ability to turn on and off more than 40 filtering categories (e.g. pornography, auction sites) to fit the objectives, beliefs or comfort zones of users.

Search: In conjunction with a strategic relationship with Inktomi (the industry-leading search engine technology used by HotBot and others), Bess offers a fully filtered "search the web" capability. This solution is used by the Searchopolis educational portal for kids, as well as numerous other websites throughout the world. It effectively weeds out harmful or distracting search results. To order Bess for your family just call a Customer Service Representative and tell them Tim told you to call.† The number is 1.800.FullNet or 1.800.385.5638.† We will add just $2.00 to your monthly charges.† Itís a small price to pay for piece of mind where your children are concerned, isnít it?

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO

Exciting new upgrade!
Recently FullNet put in an AC power inverter to take full advantage of our battery plant and generator. With the addition of the inverter, FullNet now has completely backed-up power to everything in our Network Operations Center (NOC). In the event that the building loses power, our equipment, and the equipment of all of our colocation clients, will not go down as the generator and battery plant continues to feed power through the inverter. If you have been considering colocation, now is the time to come tour our facilities and learn why FullNet is the best choice in the state for hosting your servers. Our NOC features complete climate control, a state-of-the-art fire suppression system, redundant bandwidth, multi-homed Internet access, 24x7 staffing, and now uninterrupted power for all equipment.

For more information, contact Jason at 1.800.385.5638 ext. 101 or by email at jason@fullnet.net; FullNet would love the opportunity to continue servicing your Internet needs by hosting your servers in our NOC.

Jason Ayers
VP of Operations

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