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January News
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FullNet Offers Safe, Convenient, Cost Saving Alternative -

Headlines on 60 Minutes:

'60 Minutes' Exposes Long Distance Carriers Cheating Consumers -

This was one of the headlines on Sunday the 16th of December when I watched '60 Minutes'. The main part of the story was about "Slamming".

Slamming -- having your telephone company changed without your permission -- is on the rise. Most consumers and small businesses that are slammed do not realize it until they get their next telephone bill.

The story also mentioned that Overcharging for the "Universal Service Fund Tax" (USF) was a favorite NEW CHEAT of the Long Distance Companies.

Why do I care? This past year two of my 3 children have left home for various reasons. It is always a challenge to keep in touch because of the expense of Long Distance calling. I tried several things to make it as inexpensive as possible.

Personal 800 numbers

This was convenient for the children but at between 8-15 cents per minute not a good option on my bank account.

Collect calling

As many of you are probably aware this option is Way too expensive. Depending on the company and where the kids will be calling from, it can cost 10 to 50 cents per minute.

Pre-paid Calling Cards

I always thought that pre-paid cards were for students and people who didn't pay their phone bill. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you pay $50.00 for a 1000-minute card then your cost is 5 cents per minute period! No slamming, No USF Tax

If you are careful and buy the best cards, there will be no "Universal Service Fund Tax" or any other kind of tax except for the Sales Tax the first time you buy the card. When the card is recharged there will not be any sales tax.

The only hassle is dialing all those numbers before making your call. I got around the problem by pre-programming the 800 and my customer number in my phone. Now, all we do is touch a few keys before dialing, and I save major money on my Long Distance.

I liked the idea so much I want to offer it to you our members! We have made arrangements to offer pre-paid calling cards on our website. However, before going through the expense of setting it up, we would like to hear from you our members.

Please send your comments to:
Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder and CEO

Protecting Your Family And Business Just Got Better, and Cheaper

FullNet Communications, Inc. continues to provide value added services to our members with the addition of Bess Internet Filtering Manager, North America's leading website filtering service for only $2 per month.

Bess Internet filtering Service is recognized for their wide range of filtering products used around the world by organizations of all types and sizes. Businesses use their filtering to limit their legal liability, decrease bandwidth use and increase user productivity. Schools and libraries find Bess's easy to use solutions the perfect way to safeguard their networks from inappropriate content. And most important of all, families can enjoy the safety and peace of mind they want through Bess's consumer products now available with your FullNet membership.

How Bess Works For You, Your Family, and Business

You want all the benefits of the Internet, but you also want peace of mind. Potentially harmful content, including hate, violence and pornography have a major presence on the Web. Parents are concerned with what their children see online. Businesses are concerned with employee efficiency and liability issues. And everyone's looking for a truly effective and flexible solution for managing Internet access.

Bess is the proven leader in making the Internet a safer and more productive place for over 16 million users, including 40% kids online at schools in the US. Now, all the power and control of Bess's industry leading filtering for education is available from FullNet at home. The Bess Internet Filtering Manager ensures that your children's as well as employee's Internet experience will be rewarding and productive.

How Does The Bess Internet Filtering Manager Work?

Bess Internet Filtering Manager bridges the gap between your PC and their Internet Categorization Database of over 4.7 million entries, accounting for over 48 million Web pages. Bess Internet Filtering works seamlessly with your FullNet dial-up or DSL circuit. Easy to download and ready to use in minutes- the simple and intuitive software interface gives you the power to filter out what you don't want to see. Since each individual user has specific access privileges, you're in complete control of all your family's and/or business's filtering needs.

Technology That Delivers

Bess Internet Filtering Manager will not slow down your computer or consume a lot of memory. With this "state of the art" filtering manager, families and businesses now have a hassle-free and customized way to control Internet content. And best of all, you have the power of Bess's high-quality filtering database working to protect you 24 hours a day.

Ordering The Bess Internet Filtering Manger For Your Home And/Or Business To order this service call the FullNet "Customer Support" number listed for your market. To find your number click the "Support" link and then under Customer Support click on "All local support numbers" to access the specific number for your city. You may also use the email form on this page to order the Bess Internet Filtering Manager for your home or business. We will contact you within 24 hours.

We look forward to hearing from you and as always welcome your questions or comments. My address is comments@fullnet.net. Please remember that any questions or comments concerning your Internet access, email, or billing issues must be sent to support@fullnet.net or billing@fullnet.net.

Don Turner
VP Marketing & Authorized Agent Sales

You Asked, We Delivered. Email Filtering!

FullNet is now beginning to filter email coming to fullnet.net, lawtonnet.net, and galstar.com email addresses. Over the next month, you should see a significant decrease in the number of spam messages you receive. For more information, here are some answers to typical questions:

Q: What is spam?

A: Spam is any email that is sent out in bulk to people that did not request it. Also known as UCE (or Unsolicited Commercial Email), spam is usually advertising a product or website and frequently will want you to "Click Here" or "Call This Number". It is both a plague and a nuisance to you and to service providers like us.

Q: What are you filtering?

A: We are filtering based on certain phrases that are usually found in spam messages.

Q: How much does this cost?

A: We made a decision to offer this as a free value-added service to our members. We recognize the importance of filtering and want to include it as a standard feature.

Q: Will this stop all spam?

A: No. Due to the nature of spam, we are only able to filter some messages. There will probably be some that still get through, but you should see a significant decrease in how many. As we continue to improve the filtering process, you should see better results.

Q: What else can I do to stop spam?

A: In general, it is not wise to post your email address on a website or newsgroup unless absolutely necessary. In addition, here is a good site where you can get more information on spam and the fight against it: http://spam.abuse.net

Please contact us if you have any questions about our filtering or about your email in general.

Jason Ayers
VP - Operations

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