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Important Announcement

FullNet will be moving the last pieces of our equipment from our old location to our new, million dollar, state-of-the-art Network Operations Center THIS Friday, May 11th. During the hours of 9am and 5pm on Friday, you may experience brief problems with connectivity. We are doing everything we can to keep the down time to a minimum, but feel free to call customer service if you have issues that last more than a couple of hours.

Internet Filtering To The Max

Parents, how many of you would hand your child a loaded gun and then walk away and allow them to play with the gun behind closed doors in their room? I trust not many of you! Although that is precisely what you are doing when you allow a young person unmonitored and unfiltered access to the Internet.

There are several different ways that you can protect your family from the content that should not be viewed on the Internet or from the people who would prey upon innocent children who access the Internet. First, there is "client side" software and second there is "server side" software.

Client side software is a program that you install on your machine at home or work that filters or censors the places that the user can visit. Two of my favorite "client side" packages are CyberPatrol and NetNanny. The following are some features and benefits of each package.

Cyber Patrol

Easy User Interface New user interface makes it easier than ever to customize filtering levels and categories.

  • CyberLISTs Professionally researched, updated daily and totally customizable to what you believe is appropriate for your family.
  • Multi-User Settings Up to 9 users plus a visitor. Allows each member of the household their own separate selections and passwords
  • Time Settings Unsurpassed time setting features manages time allowed on the Internet down to the specific hour of a specific day giving parents the flexibility to allow safe surfing when they choose.

    Keyword Filtering Enhanced, optional keyword filtering allows even more control including blocking descriptive search engine results

  • ChatGARD™ Feature prevents children from divulging personal information online - such as name, phone number, email address, etc. (this feature available only on Microsoft Windows standalone)
  • Advanced Feature Menus Advanced features are easily found in the newly streamlined menus making Cyber Patrol 5.0 as easy or as sophisticated as the user wants it to be.
  • Try it Cyber Patrol 5.0's new "try it" feature lets parents test their filtering settings to judge effectiveness and fine tune their own settings BEFORE your children go online



Decide what's best for your own family!

Net Nanny respects your right to control how your family uses the Internet, based on your own unique needs and values. That's why we give you the most flexible and comprehensive set of options available today to be an effective parent in cyberspace.

View and edit our comprehensive lists of Web sites, newsgroups and chat rooms, or add your own!

Net Nanny is the only program available today that allows you to see and control every single site in our web site database. It allows you to block pornography, hate literature, bomb formulas, and anything else that you deem inappropriate. Filter out the negative sites or only allow access to the positive sites... it's completely up to you! New web sites are constantly being added to our lists by our web site research team. Schedule automatic updates to the database free of charge. There are no subscription fees ever!

Keep your personal information private!

Easily prevent personal information such as family names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, credit card numbers and more from being given out over the Internet.

Track your family's online activities!

Net Nanny's Activity Log keeps you informed; so that you have the information you need to guide your children online. It tracks the Web sites, newsgroups and chat rooms they visit and the information they send and receive, allowing you to reinforce your own rules.

Customize Net Nanny's settings for up to 12 users!

Each member of your household has different needs and maturity levels. Set up a different profile for each member, so you can control how, when, and where he or she uses the Internet.

"Can Go" Lists provided by Net-momŪ:

In our Can Go list, we have included more than 3,000 web sites that are hand selected and approved by the Net-momŪ. The Net-momŪ, also known as Jean Armour Polly, is the author of The Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages. You can learn more about the Net-momŪ at http://www.netmom.com.

Screens out known pedophiles' personal pages and email addresses:

Net Nanny's pedophile blocking material is provided by SOC-UM. SOC-UM is a non-profit organization dedicated to public awareness, the prevention of child abuse, and a resource to those who have been wounded by childhood abuse. Sites blocked include those containing text and/or images that present pedophilia or pedophile behavior in any encouraging, promoting, supporting, praising or defending manner.

Other features include:

  • Customize warning messages and violation actions
  • Control over the use of words and phrases
  • Monitor and limit time spent online
  • Log and record all online chat sessions


The "server side" software that I mentioned above is filtered here at the ISP. Sometime during the summer of 2001 we will be installing the Bess "server side" filtering software here at FullNet so you may choose to have only filtered access.

N2H2 is an Internet infrastructure company that delivers industry-leading content management, categorization and value-added services that empower choice - promoting safety, productivity, privacy and a positive Web experience while promoting bandwidth efficiency.

The power of choice

While the Internet explosion is creating exciting new opportunities for education, entertainment and commerce, issues still abound:

Parents, teachers and employers want the power to choose what Internet content is safe, productive, relevant and/or bandwidth friendly.

What is considered acceptable or productive Internet content for children and employees varies by geography, organization, culture and household.

Privacy issues abound that limit the public's confidence to freely communicate or conduct business over the Internet.

It is these set of issues that drive the development of our solutions. Five years in the making, N2H2 has created the N2H2 Network - the world's largest privately-held proxy-based filtering system that delivers industry-leading content management, categorization and value-added services that empower choice.

In short, the "N2H2 Network" is the perfect balance between advanced Internet technology and human review that delivers the Internet to users the way they want to see it.

N2H2 Solutions

Our solutions create peace of mind, add relevant/targeted content, and tap into and extend the usefulness of the Internet's three basic functions:

Filtered Browsing: N2H2 provides teachers, parents and employers the ability to turn on and off more than 40 filtering categories (e.g. pornography, auction sites) to fit the objectives, beliefs or comfort zones of users.

Search: In conjunction with our strategic relationship with Inktomi (the industry-leading search engine technology used by HotBot and others) we offer a fully-filtered "search the web" capability. This solution is used by our own Searchopolis educational portal for kids, as well as numerous other websites throughout the world. It effectively weeds out harmful or distracting search results.

By adding value to each of these Internet uses, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of our users. To this end, we deliver turnkey as well as customizable solutions for schools, businesses, ISPs/VISPs, government agencies, libraries, and more.


Stay tuned to this newsletter for further announcements on Internet filtering both on the "client and server side."

I trust you and your family will have a healthy and safe summer!

Tim Kilkenny
Founder & CEO FullNet Communications

Fullnet New And Improved Member Benefit

FullNet is pleased to announce the arrival of MailMan, FullNet's own web-based email program. Initially this is available to anyone with a fullnet.net email address, but we intend to open it up to our other users shortly. You can access the new web-based email system at http://webmail.fullnet.net, but for new users to web-based email, I recommend you check out our notes for first-time uses at http://webmail.fullnet.net/notes.html

Also, as a reminder, FullNet has a 10 megabyte limit on email kept on our mail server. The easiest way to stay below the 10 megabytes is to uncheck the "Leave Mail on Server" option in your mail client. If you do leave your email on the server, please be sure and clean it out regularly to make sure you don't go over your space limit. If you have any questions about what this means or how to do this, please contact Customer Service at support@fullnet.net and we'll be glad to help.

Jason Ayers
VP - Operations

Cyber Fiber..It's Good And It's Good For You

With all the hype out there in "info land" regarding how much fiber we need, the latest diet fads, or just trying to find a method to inspire your children to eat leafy greens, it is important to have a variety of selections. Susan Mitchell, the Dr. Laura of the nutrition world, offers the low-down on the foods that fuel your body.

Just go to http://www.Yourhealth.com every Monday and you can talk with her online. Susan, a spunky diet realist, states that no question is too esoteric as she fields questions on topics ranging from the best cooking oils to proper nutrition for diabetics. Susan's best advice? "Take control of the fork," and ditch "food guilt trips". If you want to join in, log on Mondays at 5 p.m. EST, or you can submit questions any time.

For other informative, user friendly sites to calculate your daily nutritional needs go to the following:

  1. http://www.Nutrio.com Us the Food Analyzer to look up the nutritional content of the foods you eat.
  2. http://www.Navigator.tufts.edu An expert guide to nutrition Web Sites, with dedicated sections for parents, kids and special diets.
  3. http://www.thriveonline.oxygen.com/nutrition Cool nutri-tools such as a body mass index calculator, a vitamin guide and an "interactive salad bar" to help you figure out whether your green-leafy lunch is really healthful.
  4. http://www.Nutritionfocus.com A comprehensive healthy-eating resource with information on everything from the food pyramid to antioxidants.

Using these resources are just one of the many ways that the cost of your monthly membership to FullNet Communications gives you a good return on your investment.

Don Turner
VP Marketing and Authorized Agent Sales

All Fullnet Members Here's Your Personal Invitation

FullNet Communications is celebrating its sixth anniversary with an open house featuring our state of the art Network Operations Center

May 15, 2001
3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
201 Robert S. Kerr Suite 210
Bank of Oklahoma Building,
Downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Refreshments will be served

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