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New to the Internet?

Welcome to the "FullZone" website!

This page has been designed to provide a number of links that may be interesting to a first-time customer.  Select one of the menu options below for more information!

Search Engines - Utilities - Browsers & Plugins - Email - Drivers - Entertainment - V.92 FAQ

Search Engines


The following programs are common utilities needed by those who use the Internet.

Web Browsers

Whether you plan on surfing the web, catching up on the daily news, or reading your favorite comic strips online, you will be using a web browser. Some swear that their own is the best, while others insist it is a matter of taste. Give them a try!

Browser Plug-ins

These browser plug-ins are capable of blocking unwanted pop-up windows while enriching the content of pages that you DO want to see.

Email Clients

While the features of various email clients will vary, they all have one thing in common: you use them to send & receive electronic mail!

Agere Softmodem Drivers

Customers using a Agere 56K V92 purchased directly from FullNet Communications can download the latest driver for their Agere Softmodem.  The performance of this type of modem is directly related to the driver controlling it; therefore, maintaining a current driver version is often beneficial.


The Internet can be a great source of knowledge and utility, but it can also be a great source of fun! Online movie listings, sports, and other forms of electronic entertainment abound.


The Internet is an excellent resource for travel; whether you travel by bus, train, or plane, you can find a good price online.

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